Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

Susquehanna Valley Beagle Club
56 Beagle Club Rd., Mifflinville, PA


Exit (Mifflinville) off Interstate 80. Follow Route 339;  North 3.8 miles to the club driveway entrance on the right."Please Beware of Railroad Crossing at the club entrance! "

The humble folks of this fine club pride themselves on their hospitality.  Here at Susquehanna, we want to make you feel like you are a member of our club and not just another number. We appreciate a hard working gun dog that pursues a rabbit with accuracy and you can expect us to hire a judge who feels the same way! Please add us on your trial schedule, we are sure you won't be disappointed!  We have great food and hospitality, come see for yourselves. 

President: James Knight                            815 751-4780       
Vice President: John Becker                   570-233-2569
Nick Derme                             (717) 265-3501
Treasurer: Miller Stella                              570 868-7050
Field Trial Secretary: Rich Porter         570 204-7486  
Field Trial Chairman: George Gately Jr   570-544-2291


About the Club:

Transportation to and from the field. Plenty of Kennel Space. Three fenced in running grounds accumulating 200 acres of prime rabbit cover.

Club Judges:

Ryan Becker      570-233-7361                        
Jim Olejnik       570-256-3069       
Walt Hae         570-752-4823  
Ed Valentine            570-668-4048   
Bill Gregory             570-288-9681                        
Leo Newsome          570 687-2976
Tommie Lienhard    570-249-1830                       
AKC/Show: Donna Gensel     570-542-7944