​​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

​​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

15" Male Winner

Geisler’s Cash

Owner: Barbara Geisler

15" Female Winner

Locust Groves Black Hole Josey

Owner: Nick Matincheck

15” Males (37 entries)

Judges: Michael Leeman and Gerry Carreau III 
1st- Geisler’s Cash

Owner: Barbara Geisler 
2nd- Riverside Big D

Owner Jeremy Bowles 
3rd- NSPC FCGD White Creek Blue Hollow Carl

Owner: Ben Giles and Jason Moultrup 4th- Gerhart’s Go Get EM Oakley

Owner: Terry and Stephanie Gerhart 
NBQ- C & P’s Kipper

Owner Tyler Long 

​​NEBGF All Age Championship Results

June 2nd, 3rd and 4th  Hosted by Swatara Beagle Club

13" Female Winner

Lang’s Little Rock Star Gold Digger Owner: Dan and Max Lang

13” Females   (49 entries) 

Judges John  Way and Andy Schappacher
1st- Lang’s Little Rock Star Gold Digger    Owner: Dan and Max Lang
2nd- FCGD Chop A Line Elsa   

Owner:   Ian Hannis
3rd- Lang’s Little Wanda      

Owner: Dan  and Max Lang
4th- Oakleaf Ring Around The Rosie   Owner: Michael Bichart
NBQ - Dead River Taji  

Owner: Kellen Gerhart

15” Females (31 entries)

Judges: Bryson Roof and Ryan Grube 
1st- Locust Groves Black Hole Josey Owner: Nick Matincheck 
2nd- Choptank Black Cinder Owner: Taylor Lewis and Joe Eason 
3rd- NSPC FCGD Pine Tar and Lew’s Sweet Zoey Jane Owner: Taylor Lewis and Joe Eason 
4th- 4th Lil Bear Mauler’s Abra Cadabra Owner: Zach Pitts 
NBQ- FCGD Smokey Valley B & L Stella Artois Owner: Zach Carpinello 

13” Males ( 30 entries)

Judges: Poppy Colon and Greg Kahrhoff 
1st- Bramble Run Croc

Owner: Bryan Grove 
2nd- J & T Lines Double D Big Mac

Owner Tyler Long 
3rd- Locust Run Blue Boy Savage

Owner: Gino Casseri, Eddie Gooch, Ronnie Williams

4th- FCGD Lang’s Little Party Like A Rock Star

Owner: Max & Dan Lang 
NBQ- Barlow’s Jeb

Owner Tony Barlow 

Two Couple Pack Championship   (18 packs)  
Judges; Chris Meyers / Keith Collins
1st-  Rock Bottom

Owner: John and Kim Gibble 
2nd-  Wendy’s Pack      

Owner: George Smith
3rd- Pigeon Hill #1 

Owner: Sam Lauchman
4th-  Night Owls 

Owners: Joe Kashak and Al West
NBQ- Pigeon Hill #2

Owner: Sam Lauchman

13" Male Winner

Bramble Run Croc

Owner: Bryan Grove