Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

13-inch females

Winner: Carreau's Seaside Jazzy owned by Jerry Carreau 215 points

Runner Up: Purnell's DeadRiver Black Pearl owned by Lisa Purnell 205 points

15-inch females.
Winner: Taylor Hill Mickey's Molly owned by Roger and Carol Wingfield 260 points

Runner Up: FCGD G's Line Sassy Lassy owned by Jim and Karen Girafalco, 170 points

13-inch males

Winner: FCGD Cable's Aesop, owned by by John Cable 424 points

Runner Up-Carreau's Miles of Bud owned by Doug Bower 160 points

15-inch males

Winner: Meadow Brook Stomper owned by Armando Ribeiro 255 points

Runner-up: FCGD Flat Creek PawPaw owned by Eddie Gooch 210 points

2015 All Age NEBGF Consistency Results