Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

15” Male Results: 30 Entries Judges: Taylor Lewis and Curt Coleman

1st- FC Shadyboy Goochs & Jay Line’s Baxter

Owner Jay Long, Eddy Gooch & Geno Casseri Handler: Tyler Long & Eddy Gooch

2nd- Cherokee Run Knucklehead Fred

O/H Rodney Laub

3rd- FC Flat Creek Paw Paw

Owner- Philip Kallam, Eddie Gooch & Gino Casseri

4th- FC Purnell’s Deadriver Ranger

Owner- Andy Purnell  Handler: Damon Empson

NBQ- FC Chester’s TopFuel Torque

O/H- Frank Litavish

13” Male Results: 25 Entries Judges : Armando Rubio & Kyle Pangrazio

1st FC Knight Line Rush

O/H James Knight

2nd Cedar Gate Sheriff T.

Owner: Archie Towler Handler: Adam Keith

3rd Fc J-Line R&P TJ Lil  

Owner- Jay Long, Eddy Gooch and Geno Casseri Handler: Tyler Long &Rusty Gooch

4th Summits Slam Dunk

O/H: Greg Karhoff

NBQ Fc Cable’s Aesop O/H John Cable Jr.

13” Female Results: 37 Entries Judges: Harold “Buddy” Mease & Doug Bower Jr.

1st- Fauver’s Samantha Anne

O/H- Toby & Spencer Fauver

2nd- Chop A Line Annies Bell

Owner- Ian Hannis Handler- Ian and Dana Hannis

3rd- Lackawana All Shook Up Little Bailey

O/H Kyle Cramer

4th- Carreau’s Seaside Jazzy

O/H- Jerry Carreau

NBQ- FC Random Farm’s Denali

O/H- Adam Keith

2016 All Age Championship Trial Results

15” Female Results: 26 Entries Judges: Hunter Vernon & Brent Reed

1st- Chewy’s Bella Lee

O/H- Louie Burger

2nd- Cold River Jewel

O/H Tippy Willis

3rd- Marsh Field Bella

O/H Matt Minnick

4th FC Chop A Line Montana

O/H Ian & Dana Hannis

NBQ- FC Grubies Go Go Gunn’ Cami

Owner: Ryan Grube Handler: Dana & Ian Hannis