Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

​​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

15” Males: 50 Entries  Judges: Curt Coleman and  Peter Marks

1st- FC Shady Boy Goochs & Jay Lines Baxter

Owner- Jay Long, Gino Casseri & Eddie Gooch

2nd- FC Hunters Creek Schwatza

Owner- Roger George

3rd- Fords Dead River Badger

Owner- Renee Ford & Robert Ford

4th FC Dedan Loop Gino

Owner- Scott Douglas, Eddie Gooch & Gino Casseri

NBQ- Dead River Double Barrel Bruce

Owner- Nathan Zuroski

2017 All Age Championship Trial Results

15” Females:  36 Entries  Judges: Ralph Harrington & Brent Reed

1st- Red Hill Lovey’s Ginger

Owner –Kim Rayer

2nd- Winter Song Melody May

Owner- Jack Eddy

3rd- Miss Isabella of Sagamore

Owner- Joe Comick

4th- Dead River Back Alley Sally

Owner- Cody Mathis & Kellen Gerhart

NBQ-Lewis Tuff E Nuff Liz

Owner- Josh Rissinger

13” Females:  39 Entries Judges: Ben Giles and Kyle Pangrazio

1st- Hilltop Run-Em-Over Maybelline

Owner- Larry Reed Jr.

2nd- FC Chop A Line Straight Lace

Owner- Ian Hannis

3rd- FC Purnells Dead River Hare Razin Gem

Owner-Cody Mathis

4th- Gerhart’s Dead River Large Marge

Owner- Kellen Gerhart

NBQ- FC Guss Flatland Jess

13” Males:  25 Entries Judge: Mike Johnson & Kellen Gerhart

1st- IFC Green Bay Marko

Owner- Douglas Alexander

2nd- FC Awful Bawlin & OnMeOn Monk

Owner- John Harrington

3rd- FC Bramble Run Switch Blade

Owner- Brian and Blaine Grove

4th- FC Flat Creek Junior

Owner- Eddie Gooch & Gino Casseri

NBQ- Plank Road Little Burt

Owner-Ray Gordon Jr.