Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

​​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

15” Females:

1st- FCGD Brook Meadows Rock N Roxy

Owner: John Jarsinsky

2nd- FCGD Grubies Go Go Gunnin Cami

Owner: Ryan Grube

3rd- FC Turkey Hill Polly

Owner: David Wood

4th-FC Choptank Red Dee

Owner-Gary Slick

NBQ-FCGD Redhill Sugars Lovie

Owner- Kim Rager

15” Males:

1st- Bramble Run Cutter

Owner-Bryan and Blaine Grover

2nd- FCGD Chop A Line Archie

 Owner-Ian Hannis

3rd- FCGD Lew’s Keep Em Running Big Star Texas

Owner- Taylor Lewis

4th- Cherokee Run Knucklehead Fred

Owner- Rodney Laub

NBQ- FCGD Plank Road Little Burt

Owner- Ray Gordon Jr.


13” Females:

1st- FCGD Langs Little Harvest Moon Danielle

Owner: Dan Lang

2nd- FCGD Chop A Line Straight Lace

Owner: Ian Hannis

3rd- FC Choptank Little Nike

Owner: Gary and Linda Slick

4th-FCGD Echo Hill’s Bell II

Owner: Tony and Stephen Roderick

NBQ- FC Bramble Run Jewel

Owner- Blaine and Bryan Grove

2017 Champion of Champions Trial

13” Males:

1st- FCGD Speedy One Up

Owner-Louis Burger

2nd- FCGD Chop A Line Sammi’s Dan

Owner: Ian Hannis

3rd- FC Tri Pines Northern Blue Hammer

Owner-Keith Collins

4th- FC Slickers Circle The Bases Cider

Owner- Gary Slick

NBQ- FCGD Chop A Line Rocket

Owner- Ian Hannis