Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

​​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

15” Females- 17 Entries

1st-Santuit River Sea Side Boo Boo

Owner-Jerry Carreau & Jeff Wiseman

2nd- Drew’s Kick Em Up Kenzie

Owner- Andrew Karhoff

3rd-Americal’s Brambling Jazzy

Owner- John Way

4th- Louie’s Come Back Suzy Q

Owner- Louis Burger

NBQ- Back Woods Brush Bustin Bentley

Owner- Larry Reed Jr.

13” Males   15 Entries

1st-Topshelf Scouts Run to Catch

Owner- Garret Weeks

2nd- Topshelf Scouts WC Maximum

Owner- Garret Weeks

3rd Slicker’s Red’s

Owner-Gary Slick

4th-Oak Orchard Knight Line Boot’s

Owner-Paul Blossom

NBQ-Backwoods Brush Woods Bruch Bustin Rapheal

Owner- Larry Reed Jr.

2017 Derby Championship Trial Results

13” Females- Entries 19

1st – Bar Bottom Hollow South Paw

Owner- Laura Fausey

2nd- Bramble Run Tara

Owners- Brian and Blaine Grove

3rd- Sweet Water Seaside Freckles

Owners- Larry and Florence Mazza

4th- Bram Run Heifer

Owner- Blaine and Bryan Grove

NBQ- Chop A Line Leah’s Emmy

Owner-Ian Hannis

15” Males  26 entries

1st-Devol Pond Black Max

Owner- Gerry Carreau Jr.

2nd- Echo Hills Seaside Yogi

Owner- Tony Roderick

3rd-Rabbit Run Pale Face

Owner- Arin Wood & And Schappacher

4th-Rabbit Robbin Bandit

Owner-Nicholas Holley

NBQ-Coal Cracker McQueen