Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

​​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

13" Males

1st Piney Branch Little Man

Owner Steve Etsevez

2nd Slicker’s High Fly Haybale

Owner Gary Slick

3rd Grubie’s Go-Go Gunnin Ziggity Zag

Owner Jayden Grube and Kimberly Grube

4th Cherokee Run Jake

Owner Ken Hakes

NBQ Clark’s Ace in the Hole

Owner Gary Clark & Dennis Zielinski

15" Males

1st Rabbit Rockin Murphy

Owner Arin Wood / Kyle Pangrazio

2nd Gray Oaks Honest Abe

Owner Joshua Bowers

3rd Slicker’s Oyis

Owner Gay Slick

4th Choptank Chief

Owner Donald Dobbs

NBQ Dooms Day Beat em Up Boo Joe

Owner Devin William Steidl

13” Derby Bitches

13 starters

1st FCGD Chop A Line Wicket

Owner Ian Hannis

2nd Beagle Hill Dutchess

Owner Jogn Brommer

3rd Chop A Line Radar

Owner Ian Hannis

4th Sal’s Run Willa

Owner Salvatore Amato

NBQ Chop A Line Mellow

Owner Ian Hannis

15" Females

1st Choptank Lone Wilma

Owner Donald Dobbs

2nd Clark’s Silver Bullet

Owner Gary W Clark

3rd Lil Peanut Shimmering Crystal

Owner Jessica Pitts

4th G’s Line Nona’Me

Owner Jim and Karen Girafalco

NBQ Grubie’s Go-Go Gunnin Sky’s the Limit

Owner Ryan and Kimberly Grube

2018 Derby Championship