​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

​​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

2021 NEBGF Derby Championship and 2 Couple Pack Championship

The NEBGF held its 2021 Derby and 2 Couple Pack Championship at historic York and Adams Beagle Club on the last weekend in October. The weekend began with torrential rain that made travel a challenge but arrived we did and prepared for the Derby Championship on Saturday. 

The morning began with President Blaine Grove welcoming the guests.

We of course take time to thank our sponsors without whom these events

would not take place. Garmin, Purina and Stone Creek have been great

partners with the NEBGF and we sincerely hope you will give them your

business. Winners of each Derby class earned a Garmin Alpha Mini Collar

while all placing hounds received Purina Dog Food and a Stone Creek


                                                                                                     NEBGF FTS Jason Wiseman and I joyfully took entries while NEBGF Treasurer                             
                                                                                                     Bruce McNeilly handled the raffle.

                                                                                                     All four classes would run today so it was going to take some organization but the
                                                                                                     members of York and Adams were ready and helpful as always. 

                                                                                                     Because of Covid and other issues, selecting judges for this event was a
                                                                                                     coordinated effort. We are grateful for those who worked tirelessly to judge the
​                                                                                                      hounds these two days.

Our Derby Championship Judges

15 inch Male Derbies ( 12 Entries)

1st) Rock Solid Dirty Bruno - Jared Shade

2nd) Lang's Little Charlie Hustle - Dan and Max Lang

3rd) Goodwill Copper - Bruce McNeilly

4th) Bramble Run Croc - Blaine and Bryan Grove

NBQ) Cherokee Run Big Red - Ken Hakes

12 big males went to the field under judges Matt Slocum and Tony Barlow.  When the dust settled it was Rock Solid Dirty Bruno hanging on for the pink ribbon and a Garmin Mini collar.

13 inch Male Derbies ( 10 entries)

1st) Slicker's Back Pack - Linda and Gary Slick

2nd) Santuit River's Doc Lector - Jeff Wiseman

3rd) Bramble Run Cruise - Blaine and Bryan Grove

4th) Silver Cup Punkin's Jack Frost - Jeff Sherman

NBQ) Slicker's Huckleberry Finn- Linda and Gary Slick

The 13 inch male class went to the field under Madeline Colon and her assistant ( Poppy) . Two packs of five were sorted through with Slicker's Back Pack (owned by Linda Slick and her husband) came out on top.

13 inch Female Derbies (11 Entries)

1st) Carreau's Seaside Sawyer - Gerald Carreau III

2nd) Lang's Little Hammer Down Holly - Dan Lang

3rd) Shady Acre's Dirty Caddy - Jared Shade

4th ) G Line's Sizzlin Stella - Jim Girafalco

NBQ) Lang's Little Minny Mia - Dan Lang

The little females had 11 entries and were judged by Mike Santos and Kyle Camerer. These were a collection of some of the best young females coming along this year and the judges had their work cut out for them. Carreau's Seaside Sawyer proved the winner of the Garmin Mini collar and the pink ribbon.

15 inch Female Derbies (7 entries)

1st) Honey Hollow Cece - Al and Matt Slocum

2nd) Honey Hollow Kari - Al and Matt Slocum

3rd) Rocky Marsh Lacy - Brandon DeHaven

4th) Burnt Church Farms Callie - Brad McMonical

NBQ) Shallow Creek Little Freckles - Madeline Colon

While there were only 7 entries in the 15 inch Derby class, the dogs did not disappoint. Judges Max Lang and Tommy Lienhard took copious notes and sorted through until Honey Hollow Cece (owned by Al and Matt Slocum) proved the winner.

Results from the NEBGF 2CP Championship

1st) Gibbles Golden Girls - John and Kim Gibble

2nd) The Clubbin Bitches - Jason Wiseman and Bob Ford

3rd) Barlow's Bunch- Tony Barlow

4th ) Pigeon Hill George -Sam Lauchman

NBQ ) Harrisburg #2 -Marty Slasman

Sunday was the day of the NEBGF 2 Couple Pack Championship. If you have not experienced this format yet you should consider it. It is growing in popularity and the participants seem to be enjoying the idea that they can simply run their own pack. We were fortunate enough to have Rev Bob Ford in attendance for the invocation . After some instructions from the President and an auction , the dogs went to the field.  The two judges for this event were Gerald Carreau Jr and Mike Leaman. These two did a fine job of sorting through 16 packs of some of the finest packs of hounds in the Northeast. 16 packs were entered and by day's end the team of Gibbles Golden Girls owned by Kim Gibble and her husband John walked away with the blue ribbon and a new Garmin Alpha Bundle.

And so, by the end of the day on Sunday, another successful championship event was complete . Our sincere thanks to the judges, sponsors and most importantly the participants who enjoyed spending a couple of days in the field with their beloved hounds. Aint that what its all about?