​​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation


171 Beagle Road, Lebanon, PA  17046
Club Phone:   717-608-0043

LCBC has decided to cancel both the April 1-2 and May 27-28 AKC licensed trials.  We had a logger come in and clear out half of the property and we do not believe it is in our best interest to hold trials this year.  There is an extreme lack of cover on that part of the club and do not believe there will be enough growth by May 27-28.  
We will be back up and running for the 2024 trial season.


President    Mike Leaman Sr.    717-648-6515
Vice President  Gary Keller    717-507-6868
Secretary  Mike Leaman Jr.   717-608-0043
Treasurer  Kay Coles   717-507-4346
FTC = Mike Leaman Sr.
FTS = Mike Leaman Jr.


5 miles South of Fredericksburg, PA.

From 81 N or 81 S, take exit 89 (Rt. 78E) to Fredericksburg Exit 6.  At ramp stop sign turn right.  Continue to next stop sign and turn right (22 W 343 S).  At red light turn left on (343 S).  Go approximately 2.5 miles.  Turn left on Freeport Mill Rd.  Continue on Freeport Mill Rd. to trailer park turn left on Beagle Rd.

From PA Turnpike take (Lebanon Rt. 72 Exit).  Continue on 72 N through Lebanon.  At East Maple Street turn right.  First red light turn left (343 N).  Continue approximately 5 miles turn right onto Freeport Mill Rd.  Continue to Beagle Rd turn left at Trailer Park.

Club Grounds:

250+ acres, large clubhouse, indoor plumbing, men's and women's showers, sleeping accommodations, excellent meals, and hundreds of outdoor and indoor kennels.

Field Judges:     

Mike Leaman 717-608-0043
Chris Meyers 484-824-5624

​​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation