NEBGF 2021 All Age Championship

​15” Females All Age   (26 Entries) Andy Schappacher and Jim Kieper

1st) Smokey Valley B&L Stella Artois      Owner Zach Carpinello and Bryan Ploski
2nd) White Creek Merica                         Owner: Jason Moultrup/ Ben Giles
3rd) Gus’s Flatland Rose                         Owner: Gary Slick
4th) Slicker’s Dust-Em-Up Dusty              Owner: Gary Slick
NBQ) Rabbit Rockin Freya                       Owner: Arin Wood/ Kyle Pangrazio

13” Females All Age  ( 32 entries) Brent Reed and Jason Moultrup

1st) Redhill’s Ginger Biscuit                 Owner: Kim Rager
2nd)Top Shelf W Bye Felicia              Owner: Garrett Weeks
3rd) Bramble Run Autumn                     Owner: Bryan and Blaine Grove
4th ) Five Points Rosie                          Owner: Frank Aquino
NBQ) Sky’s Shady Mountain Echo        Owner: Nick Conti 

13” Males  All Age (15 entries) Miles Lee and Jeremy Hooks

1st) Slicker’s Nutty Buddy                      Owner: Gary Slick
2nd) Lake Valley Briar Run Bo                Owner: Pat O’Sullivan
3rd) Lo Land’s Big Willie                         Owner: Robert Thatcher
4th) CZ’s Little Teaser                             Owner: Cody DiMarco
NBQ) Slicker’s High Fly Haybale             Owner: Gary Slick

15” Males All Age (22 entries) Ralph Harrington and Ed Gould

1st) Barlow’s Little Joe                              Owner: Tony Barlow
2nd) Rush Me a Reese Cup                      Owner: Preston Lee
3rd) Lo Land’s Scratch A Roonie               Owner: Karlie Thatcher
4th) Reed’s Hill Sam                                  Owner: Brent Reed
NBQ) Goodwill Copper                              Owner: Bruce McNeilly

​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

​​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation