​​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

NEBGF 2021 Field Champion Only 

13” Male FC’s (7 entries) George Prycl and Chris Nye

1st) FCGD Slicker’s Homerun Hobo                                         Owner: Gary and Linda Slick
2nd) FCGD Riverside Gizmo                                                    Owner: Jeremy Bowles
3rd)FCGD Slicker’s Mason Magic Music Man                          Owner: Blaine and Bryan Grove
4th) FCGD FCGD Bramble Run Earl                                        Owner: Blaine and Bryan Grove
NBQ) FCGD Summit’s Slam Dunk                                            Owner: Greg Kahrhoff

15” Male FC’s (10 entries) Jeremy Bowles and John Way

 1st ) FCGD Lang’s Little LeGrande L’Orange                     Owner: Dan/ Max Lang
 2nd) FCGD Hucks’s Run Rubble on The Double            Owner: Michael Johnson
 3rd) FCGD Bramble Run Cutter                           Owner: Bryan and Blaine Grove
 4th) FCGD Knightline Rush                                                         Owner: Miles Lee
 NBQ) FCGD Lang’s Little Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me  Owner: Dan Lang

13” Female FC’s ( 12 entries) Ben Giles and Greg Kahrhoff

1st) FCGD Lang’s Little Large Marge                  Owner: Max Lang
2nd) FCGD Conley’s Crandon Circle Daisy Do   Owner: Ryan Conley
3rd ) FCGD Edgeman’s Black Back Rita             Owner: Matt Minnick
4th) FCGD Bramble Run Rye                              Owner: Bryson Roof
NBQ) FCGD Lang’s Little Rocking Riley              Owner: Dan Lang

15” Female FCs (6 entries) Bryson Roof and Max Lang

1st) FCGD Chewy’s Bella Lee                           Owner: Miles Lee
2nd) FCGD Lil Peanuts Shimmering Crystal     Owner: Zach Pitts
3rd) FCGD Gus’ Flatland Jess    Owner: Blaine and Bryan Grove
4th) FCGD J & J Beaver Creek Twister            Owner: Jim Green
NBQ) FCGD Nye and Sons Saving Grace            Owner: CJ Nye

​​Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation