Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation

Oil Creek Beagle Club
12746 Church Run Road Titusville, PA 16357


2 miles north of Titusville on State Rt. 89


President:                    Larry Master       814-827-9863
Vice President:            Mark See            814-758-1257
Secretary:                    Don Gould          814-657-8418  
Treasurer:                    Stan Hepler        814-676-0387
FTS/PBGA Delegate:  Matt Minnick       814-671-0901
Directors:       Guy Emanuelle  814-677-2274  and  Jim Bauer   814-673-2112


About the Club: 

140 acres fenced, plumbing, showers, plenty of kennel space, 2 fenced running grounds, and lots of rabbits!

Club Judges:  

Matt Minnick- 814-671-0901

Rob Auflick, 814-563-4009